Close to our AirBnB we had a few very pretty beaches! All are close located to each other, but vary from one another. In Paleokastritsa we found a beautiful abandoned beach with a very cool background setting. It was very small but since we were the only ones there it was perfect for us. There was a staircase leading to the beach and it might be difficult to find, but if you ever stroll around the cost line of Paleokastritsa you might be able to find it! However it was a stone beach so if you are not a fan of these kind of beaches, you might not be interested in finding it. :-)

Hidden Beach in Paleokastritsa

Another rather public beach in Paleokastritsa is this one! It is located in the center of the village and the rocks really make a beautiful setting. The water was pretty shallow in April but some of you might prefer that.

By far my favourite beach was the one in Kassiopi. It was sooooo beautiful - but again a stone beach. Which I actually prefer (if you bring your flip flops) because you won't get all sandy! Next to the beach you can find these flat rocks which are perfectly made for laying in the sun! The white rocks and the crystal clear water really make this beach look like heaven!

If you want a rather touristy beach with sun beds and restaurants close by I recommend the Agios Georgics beach in Corfu. We went even for a swim in April and it was totally doable! We actually had a lot of fun. :) There are many small shops and restaurants close which makes it easy to stay occupied in case you are getting bored of just tanning and spending time in the water!

Another pretty beach was the Glyfada Beach. It was a pretty big beach and close to Kerkyra Town so pretty conveniently located! It was unlike my other favourite beaches a sand beach and was easy to reach by car!

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