In the beginning of this year I flew into Innsbruck to visit a friend who lives close by. It was my second time in Austria and it was by far one of the greatest views I had when flying into an airport! I never flew so close over the mountains and it was definitely a nice experience! Innsbruck is a cheap airport, so you can find some very good deals on flights. I flew from Eindhoven for 70€, but last time my friend flew for only 45€ roundtrip!

And it was by far one of my favourite flights ever flying over the alps! Such a beautiful and stunning view!!

Innsbruck is situated in the region of Tirol and is rather small city. It is very close to the german boarder and the city is very pretty with its beautiful buildings! I would just recommend strolling around the city since you easily bump from one beautiful building to another! And you will always have a great view since you are surrounded by the mountains! :)

This is the main square where many shops are located. When we were there in March there was also a market, but I assume there are several markets during the year especially during winter.

This is the St. Jacob Cathedral or also known as Cathedral of St. James in Innsbruck. A very beautiful building and very hard to get in one photo haha! It was built between 1717 and 1724 and is dedicated to  the son of Zebedee, St. James.

This is the "Triumphpforte" and it was built in 1765 under the sign of the marriage of archduke Leopold. It is a really beautiful sight especially with the blue sky! It is very close located to the main square so you can easily walk there!


  1. Wunderschöne Fotos! :)
    Sieht echt traumhaft aus. ♥


  2. Wirklich tolle Fotos! Super schöne Eindrücke :)

    Liebe Grüße

  3. wish I could go to Australia someday! xo

    Daniel x
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