If you are ever in Thailand - DO NOT miss out on Kho Phi Phi! Such a beautiful island! To be specific Kho Phi Phi Don. Kho Phi Phi is divided into two parts Kho Phi Phi Leh (= small island) and Kho Phi Phi Don (=big island).

You can do day trips from Kho Phi Phi to Maya Bay which is a very pretty island! Apparently there are ways to get around the entrance fee, this way although includes some rather adventurous activities so I leave that up to each person if they are fine with paying the entrance fee of 200 Baht (at least that's the number that I can remember). Often times Maya Bay tours are combined with the Monkey island!

Another activity is walking up to the view point. The walk is not very difficult but the view is great! However it is very crowded so if you want to make a picture it's hard to not get any people in the photo.

Koh Phi Phi is also great for snorkelling and scuba diving so if you are into that you should definitely give it a try. :)

We stayed in the Stones Bar Hostel and I can really recommend it. It's cheap and the location is perfect, at night you will just have to step outside your dorm and you are exactly at the venue of the party. Every night there are some fire shoes and tons of people come to the beach and gather together. However if you rather looking for a hostel to rest I can't recommend it you'll hear the music pretty loudly until 2 AM in your dorm room. Same is for the Blanco Beach hostel which is right next to the hostel I was just talking about.

We ate the whole week at only noodles! We heard about this place on the internet and it's literally heaven on earth. Best Pad Thai we had in whole Thailand!! This Pad Thai is reason enough to go to Koh Phi Phi! And it is also fairly cheap considering that you are staying on an island. I think we payed around 20-30 Baht.

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