If you're ever in Hawaii - go surfing! :) It's a must do and it's a lot of fun! Luckily our friend could teach us so we didn't had to pay for lessons. On the one side Waikiki is good to learn surfing since the waves are (usually) not too high for beginners but on the other side there's a lot of risk that a) you hit someone with your surfboard or b) somebody hits you with his surfboard haha. Actually one girl hit herself with her surfboard and blood was running down her head. So be careful. Luckily nothing happend to us but I was a few times afraid it will. But that shouldn't stop you from surfing it's really fun and time passes by soooo quickly. Wish we did had time for a second round! I managed it a few times to stand on my knees and one time to stand up fully but as fast as I stood up as fast I went down again haha. 

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