I FINALLY (!) went skydiving. :) I got this present from my mom for my 18th birthday but I had to wait until now to do it since the first time we had our appointment the plane was broken. And then my year in the U.S. came up so I had to wait till I come back to germany to go skydiving. But after two years of waiting I could finally do it and it was so much fun. :) First I got a little introduction and we played the whole situation on the ground before we went up in the air. When I knew how to act during skydiving we went in the little plane and flew for around 20-25minutes to get up to 3000m. Then me and my tandem partner jumped out of the airplane and had a 45sec free fall. Best feeling ever! I enjoyed the free fall the most! After those 45sec. we opened the parachute and I could guide the parachute a little bit which was really fun but also intimidating since it moves really quick! Only thing I wished for that I did skydiving in Hawaii and not in Germany. Can't imagine how the view would have been there!! 

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