The North Shore is famous for great Surf beaches. Especially Pipeline Beach, where often competitons are happening. We could see some surfers, but since it was off-season (the biggest waves are in winter) we didn't see that many. We visited 3 beaches at North Shore. One of them is:

Shark's Cove
Shark's Cove is known for snorkeling. We went there on our last day and when I finally made it to the point where the water gets deeper and no pointy rocks are pointing in your feet my friend called me that we had to leave our friend who gave us a ride had do drive back home. :( so I can't really tell you much about my snorkeling experience there. I was so sad Hanauma Bay really got me in the snorkeling mood. :D Anyways I would recommend Shark's Cove only for snorkeling because I wouldn't wanna hurt my feet everytime there just to get a refreshment.

Pipeline Beach
Close to Shark's Cove you can find Pipeline Beach. As I said Pipeline Beach is known for surfing, most North Shores Beaches are but Pipeline especially. So if you wanna go there just to take a dip in the water read the signs carefully there are some big waves that might hit you. 

The Elephant Truck
Right next to Pipeline Beach you can find the Elephant Food Truck. If you ever are at the North Shore and close to the Truck try it out! It's so delicious. We went there twice because we liked it soooo much. The first time I got the classic Pad Tai and the second time Pangang Curry! Both was so good! 

Waimea Bay
You can find the famous jumping rock at Waimea Bay. Tons of people just go to Waimea Bay to jump off the rock. It's a pretty nice beach and also (sometimes) accessable for non-surfers ;) It's close to the Waimea Falls and the Puu o Mahkua Lookout so if you plan on a trip to Waimea Bay you could combine those :)

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