Back in Germany I decided to visit my friend who lives in the netherlands for one year. She lives pretty close to Amsterdam so we took the train and explored it a little and went a bit shopping. Our original plan was to go to the Anne Frank house but there was a 3h waiting line so we decided against it. I really hope someday I'll make it to the Anne Frank House. Can't imagine how much fear they must had that the Nazis would discover their hiding spot. Since we couldn't see it we decided to go to the part with the coffeshops and the red light district. Maybe because I'm a girl I perceived the red light district as pretty scary. :D Especially in those small streets. Where you were not even one feet away from the prostitutes. My friend told me that one of her friend held a phone in her hand so the prostitute got the impression that she's taking pictures and got upset (because it's not allowed) so she called her boss and he went to the girl with the phone and bitched her. So I was pretty careful with not giving the impressions that I'm trying to take pictures haha. From the red light district it's not far to the coffee shops which wasn't really intersting though. There was one funny shop where they sold everything with weed: weed lollipops, weed soft drinks, Cannabis chocolate milk and so on... 
One thing you have to try when in the Netherlands: Joppisauce. My friend told me about it but for whatever reason I didn't order it and went for Mayonnaise and after trying her fries with Juppi Sauce I was really disappointed that I didn't get that sauce. 

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