The Pillbox Hike was probably my favorite Hike. We got up really early in the morning (4AM) to watch the sunrise when we arrive at the top. Unfortunately we couldn't see the sunrise we imagined since it was pretty cloudy. The hike has a few hard spots but they are totally doable and it only takes you about half an hour to fourty minutes to get up. It's a pretty crowded hike but everybody can get a good spot. You have really beautiful and different views! On the one side you can see the ocean and on the other the village and the mountains which makes a really nice contrast. I'd definitely recommed doing the Pillbox Hike when you're a beginner and want to have a great view at the end. Also we missed Zac Efron by one day (too bad haha.) he's filming a movie right now on Oahu and did the Pillbox hike the day before we went.

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