After 1 1/2 months of being in cold Minnesota it was time to get a break from it and enjoy some sun! So we decided to go to Texas. Our first stop was Houston. It's a pretty big city and it's probably not the best city to use public transport. But we could still handle it somehow! We just stayed 3 days in Houston, although one would have been enough to see all the touristy things. Unless you wanna do a trip to Galveston which we sadly couldn't do. So we spent the first day going to the Waterwall, the Williamstower (which was right next to the Waterwall and the big Shoppingmall "The Galleria"), the JP Morgan Chase Tower (free entrance to the sky lobby with a nice view) and to the Memorial park which has a outdoor gym playground! So since we could see everything in one day we spent the second and third day tanning on the pool! And we did lots of sport - I'm pretty proud of Joyce and me! :P Houston was nice to see but not really worth paying the flight ticket I have to say.

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