2014 has been my best year so far. Many changes and new experiences and I'm thankful for everything that happened this year. :) First of all I gratuated which brought big changes because all my friends did go different directions. And I can't wait to meet them all when I'm back home and party again with them :) Then my favorite girl took me to Berlin - thanks for that!! It was always my wish to go to the capital of my country and without you it would probably not happened before my departure to the U.S.! And in May something totally new started for me - my life in the U.S. :) I met so many great people her in my 7 months, tried so many new foods - yes I try everything even bacon and sushi!!! Did so many fun activites and travelled to so many great places! I can't wait what comes in 2015 as I'm sure it will be another great year :)

Berlin with Maylin :)

 Chicago - where I had a great Couchsurfing experience

 4th of July:)

 Meeting Paula, who is a main part of my great year here, and going with her and her hostfamily to their cabin :)
 Sadly I didnt take a picture when I was on it but I did ride a elephant - dreams do come true!! :)
 Bike ride in Miami
 A fun boat trip on the gulf of Mexico!
 Bahamas... wanna go back there ASAP!
 seeing my mum after 6 months :)
 seeing sea lions free in the nature!! (not in a zoo)
 Beeing in California and experiencing that great state with my mum


  1. Wow, das Bild aus Chicago - man kriegt richtig Gänsehaut!

    XX aus Nürnberg
    Want Get Repeat

  2. Mensch, du bist ja richtig rumgekommen. Da werd ich schon ein wenig eifersüchtig. Nein Spass, ich gönne es dir und wünsche dir eine ebenso wundervolles 2015

  3. wow zu welchem Nationalpark gehst du?

    1. Grand Canyon :) freue mich schon sehr!!

  4. wow zu welchem Nationalpark gehst du?

  5. Great pictures!! I really want to travel to Mexico now hehe <3

  6. <33 amazing pics!
    love it

  7. Fantastisch! <3