My best vacation so far...the Bahamas! It's so pretty! Can't believe I have been there and would love to go back! Sadly we only spent one day there but it was still worth it. We took a cruise thursday night which took us to the Grand Bahama Island. We found the cruise for a cheap price at groupon, the food was good, it wasn't a luxurious cruise but it was absolutely fine with us!

Early Friday morning we arrived and we had different excursion options! We decided to spent a day at a hotel at the beach to finally see the clear blue water and the light sand we had waited for! I have never been to such a pretty place and I hope I'll have the opportunity again to go to the caribbean!

 the pool at the hotel

 Of course we had to get some coconuts! We ordered two different ones and shared both. One was the regular coconut milk and one was a mix of coconut milk and nutmeg. I didn't like the regular coconut milk that much but the coconut mix was delicious!!

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  1. schöne bilder! da kriege ich direkt lust zu reisen :)